My Story

A Little Pink Guitar Goes A Long Way
Hey everybody, Kylie here! I am currently 16 years old. I live in Newcastle, a small town in Oklahoma. I love my friends and family and how they can make me laugh at any random moment of the day! I have a Mom and Dad who have been nothing but supportive of me my whole life. They were there cheering me on for every t ball game, gymnastics meet, dance recital, cheer competition, musical play and show I have ever done in my life. Sounds like a lot for just one kid, huh? But they were there through it all. I also have a big sister that I can go to for anything and a little sister that drives me insane sometimes, but life would be so boring without her. My papaw and grandma are probably two of my biggest fans and I love them to pieces! My pawpaw was actually the one that bought me my first guitar for Christmas when I was 12. That little pink guitar became my best friend! I started writing songs and fell in love with the fact that I could tell everyone about my life through music. I’ve always been so interested in the fact that a song could change your whole mood and how music – period – has helped so many people get through so much. I know music has always been something I’ve turned to when I don’t know what to do. I think that’s why I love it!

Right Place At The Right Time
I always have people who ask me how I got where I am today, and I feel like it was because I was in the right place, at the right time. All the stars seemed to line up for me. I wrote a song called “She’s Our Miracle” when I was 13. It just so happened that my guitar teacher was the D.J. for the Relay for Life races for the American Cancer Society in Oklahoma. He asked me to perform my song at one of the relays. That one relay turned into more and more around the country. Once I was doing that I decided to record the song to sell and donate all the proceeds to the American Cancer Society. I was having so much fun, but was not even close to prepared for what happened next!
I met a girl named Peyton, at my school that I just automatically clicked with! She asked me to go out to dinner one night (the first time I ever ate lobster in my life!). Her father, Eddie, was talking to me about what I like to do and my hobbies and I told him that I loved to sing country music. Before I knew it, Eddie had partnered with a big name in the music industry, Jack Joseph Puig, and started a label called Land Run Records. I was signed as their first artist. My life was completely different from that day on!

Meeting The Band
I had no idea that my freshman year of high school would be my only year at Newcastle High. After my first year I just got so busy with traveling, doing radio shows, morning talk shows, etc. I switched to online school to help balance my school work and my career. It was a big transition at first but now I love it! The wonderful musicians that are my band, Nicnos, I met a couple years ago. We were holding auditions and when they started to play I got goose bumps! As time went on, they were all like my brothers and became my best friends.

What Happened in 2011
I became a key spokesperson for Pacer.og and their national anti-bullying campaign. Liz Hengber, Rob Crosby and I co-wrote a song called “Phoebe”. It’s about Phoebe Prince, a 15-year-old girl who took her life because she was bullied so much. After hearing her story and writing the song, I decided I wanted to do more. Now I am trying to spread the word. So join me in my fight against bullying!
I’m also the celebrity spokesperson for Prevent Blindness Oklahoma and am visiting schools in our state to deliver the bullying prevention awareness message – “It Matters What We Do.”

What 2012 Brings
Now we are working on my debut album. I have had so much fun putting the last two years of my life on this record for everyone to hear! I couldn’t be more excited about the release! I also just got the lead role in the currently titled movie Country Girl, tentatively scheduled for release in 2012. I couldn’t be more excited about what this year brings and thank you to all my fans and people who support me! I couldn’t be me without all of you. :) – Kylie