Kylie was born July 3, l995 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the second of three children. She attended Newcastle High School where she served as freshman year class president. Kylie’s achievements include Newcastle’s Top Ten Achievement Award, Citizenship Award, Principal’s Honor Roll, reading achievement and the Oklahoma Explore Scholars award. She is home schooled at Advanced Academics now and maintains a 4.0 grade average.


Kylie has won over l00 gymnastics medals. She also enjoys cheerleading. Her squad won numerous state and national titles, as well as the “All America Cheer” award. She attended Artworks Academy, landing several lead and supporting roles in local theatrical plays. “It’s where I discovered my love for singing and performing,” she says.


She was voted one of the Country Music Association’s “Who New to Watch.” Kylie is currently working on her CD with Land Run Records. It will be released in 2013. The CD will feature the impacting song “Phoebe (It Matters What We Do).”


“Phoebe” was written by Kylie and Nashville songsmiths Liz Hengber and Rob Crosby. The song “Phoebe” was inspired by teenager Phoebe Prince who took her life in 2009 because of bullying. “We wrote this song in honor of Phoebe. When I found out an estimated 160,000 children miss school every day because they are bullied, I wanted to do something to make a difference. I started my own bullying prevention awareness campaign,” says Kylie. She speaks publicly at events and educational facilities delivering the bullying prevention awareness message, “It Matters What We Do.”


Kylie is a peer spokesperson for’s National Bullying Prevention Center, which engages and educates communities nationwide to address bullying with a focus on teen-to-teen involvement.


Kylie’s take on life: “I think you should pursue the things you love, and I want my fans to know it is OK to just be yourself!”


Kylie tours regularly with her band and in her own tour bus. She has already opened for Jason Aldean, Steel Magnolias, Glorianna, and Jane Dear Girls. 


Land Run Records’ Co-CEO Jack Joseph Puig states, “Kylie is an accomplished songwriter and artist. That is something you can’t manufacture or create. It is innate.”