Hey everybody, Kylie here! I am nineteen-year-old singer, songwriter, and music lover. I’m loving life and hope to one day change the world!  I started writing songs and fell in love with the fact that I could tell everyone about my life through music. It’s always amazed me that a song could change your whole mood and how music (period) has helped so many people get through so much. Music is something I’ve turned to when I am at a crossroad and don’t know what to do. I think that’s why I love it!

When I was fifteen, I went out to Nashville for the first time to write songs with some pretty amazing writers! The owner of the publishing company I am currently working with, Russ Zavitson, introduced me to writers that I learned so much from and helped inspire me. In one of my writing sessions, I wrote the song “Phoebe” with Rob Crosby and Liz Hengber. This led to the creation of “It Matters What We Do,” my bullying prevention campaign.  Now I am spreading the word, so join me to make a difference and pledge to put an end to bullying.

I live in Newcastle, a small town in Oklahoma. I love my friends and family and how they can make me laugh at any random moment of the day! I have a mom and dad who have been supportive of me my whole life. They were there cheering me on for every t-ball game, gymnastics meet, dance recital, cheer competition, musical play, and show I have ever done. Sounds like a lot for just one kid, huh? But they were there through it all. I also have a big sister that I can go to for anything and a little sister that drives me insane sometimes, but life would be so boring without her. My Papaw and Grandma are probably two of my biggest fans and I love them to pieces! My papaw was actually the one that bought me my first guitar for my 12th birthday. That little pink guitar became my best friend and changed my life forever!

I couldn’t be more excited about what this next stage of my life will bring. Thank you to all my fans and everyone who support me! I wouldn’t be me without all of you:)