Just because I've been out of high school for almost four years, doesn't mean I don't take fall break seriously! I took some time off from writing in music city and traveled back home to Oklahoma. The only thing that made this "fall break" different from the past is that this year consisted of four different shows in four days; not too much of a break...but that didn't keep me from sneaking away from the business to go on one of my favorite photo adventures yet. 

My wonderfully talented friend, Logan Hendrix, and I took advantage of a beautiful Saturday morning and made our way to an adorable coffee shop in downtown OKC. We spent most our time cracking-up in between shots...but capturing my laughs and smiles is one of Logan's specialites. 

After our coffee shop rendezvous, we made our way to the historic district. We roamed the streets while admiring the beautiful mansions built in the early 1900's, catching a few stills on front porches and sidewalks covered in autumn's colorful creations.   

We finished the shoot with making our way to midtown and having brunch at a renovated hotel that was originally built in the 1920's. After having one of the best brunches of my life, we were in for a little treat. We got to talking with the manager of the restaurant, and once he learned that we had been shooting, he took us up to the rooftop of the hotel. He was sweet enough to let us steal some shots in the amazing room that overlooked all of downtown...definitely a highlight of my trip and a forever memory.