For The Ones I Looked Up To – (Hometown Heartland - Ep. 4)

Dear little dreamer Kylie,

I know you try to be perfect. I know you rethink every single choice and decision 10 times before you do it. You are always worrying what other people will think of you or say about you. Well, let the future you be the first to tell you.....being perfect is overrated. Your favorite memories will come from mistakes. I challenge you to strive for balance instead of perfection, for authenticity instead of flawless and grace for yourself and the mistakes that will make you who you are today. I’m still learning that myself. There will be so many reroutes, valleys, and waves of highs and lows. I know you, and you’ll want to say....”I should’ve done better.” BUT those set backs are the moments that will humble you and make you appreciate the tops of those mountains you’re climbing. Stay true to you and everything else will work itself out. <3

 Love, Kylie