How I Got My Pink Guitar (Hometown Heartland - Ep. 2)

Dear little dreamer Kylie, 

Little do you know that little pink guitar Papaw got you for Christmas, is going to be the start of a life you could only dream of. All those times running to your dress up drawer and putting on some sort of tutu or sparkly dress to put on a show for Mom and Dad will one one day turn into you performing in front of thousands of people. What’s funny is I feel like you probably know all of this already because Mom and Dad told you that you can be anything you want to be when you grow up. So do me a favor.... keep those wide eyes, those big dreams, that forgiving heart, and the feeling of anything can happen as long as you keep believing in the talents and ambitions God gave you. I know there will be times you doubt yourself. There will be moments of weakness. There will be valleys. But I promise you there will be more good times than bad. I promise you all the sacrifices will be worth it. I’m still reminding myself of that even now. Sometimes I still wish I was more like you. So, stay true to who you are little Kylie. 

Love, the future you