For The Ones I Looked Up To – (Hometown Heartland - Ep. 5)

Dear little dreamer Kylie,


I love how much you love your family and your best friends. Make sure you hold on to them tightly and never take one moment with them for granted. I also know how much you love Nashville, and 700 miles can feel really far sometimes. It’s scary to think about moving away from everything you know in that small town but I promise you, you have so much waiting for you in Music City. You will meet an incredible group of people that will become your music family. You will create together, dream together, and love together. There will be times when you wonder if leaving your whole life for this dream was the right thing to do, but take it from is. God took you exactly where he pictured you and has you living life with the people he created to stand by your side through this roller coaster of a dream. Remember, they will always be a phone call and plane ride away. You’ll see sooner than you think.


Love, the future you