My Road To Nashville (Hometown Heartland – Ep. 1)

Dear Little Dreamer Kylie, 

Hey you. I know this might be crazy, but this is the future you. The Kylie that’s been though a lot more than you have. The one who’s been through the heart breaks, the highest highs, and everything in between. I wanted to write you because I know how you're feeling in this moment. You’re a little girl with a big dream and not sure where to even begin. Well, I'm here to tell you it will take a lot of years of hard work and sacrifice but you’re doing it. You’re living the life you’ve always wanted with the people that you’ll call family one day, You’re living in Nashville and absolutely loving it.  

 You know one of your favorite songs, “Somewhere With You?” by Kenny Chesney Or “Better Dig Two,” by The Band Perry? Well, you are working with the guy that wrote both of those, Shane McAnally!! Yes, I’m serious. You are now signed with his company, Smack Songs and he’s even producing your first record!! Not only that, but you know that record deal you’ve always wanted? YOU GOT IT! You're now signed with Universal EMI with some of your hero’s like Eric Church and Brothers Osborne!! Even now, I still can’t believe I get to write those words down. 

I’m telling you all this because all those moments you ask yourself if you have what it takes, the answer is yes. I know you have a lot of people in that little home town that don’t think so, but you are going to prove them wrong. And all the people that always believed you could will still be right here cheering you on. So, hold on tight baby’s going to be a crazy ride full of up’s, downs, and a lot of “no’s.” But one day you will get the “yes,” that’s always been the one waiting for you. You’ll have a lot thicker skin but I promise it will be worth it. 

Love, the future you