This Is Where I Belong (Hometown Heartland – Ep. 6)

Dear little dreamer Kylie, 


I know how much pressure you put on yourself. Sometimes it feels like the world is on your shoulders, but let me assure you, being perfect is over rated. The things that you think are the end of the world now are barely even a memory for you 10 years from. It’s still a battle(I won’t lie) but one day you’ll realize there’s such beauty in the messy and the imperfect. When you tear down your walls and let your self be vulnerable, that’s when you write your best music. So maybe that’s how you should look at living too. As soon as you open up, that’s when the most memorable moments happen. That’s when you meet the people God wanted you to have in your life. That’s when the world is lifted off your shoulders. So, embrace your forgetful, messy, clumsy self. Find lessons and love in the mistakes. Good news is you got a great daddy to fix all the things you’ll break. ;) That’s what makes you...YOU. Own It and rock it!


Love, the future you